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For The Love Of It All

Noemi Caraballo, Artist

FTLOIA was born after realizing my love for all things creative.  If it can be hand made, painted or drawn -- I love it!

I have always found myself making things and reinventing others. I love photography, so I create "physical" scrapbooks to display, collect and preserve my most precious memories.  In my books I create layouts that enhance the story captured in my photos. They become mini works of art, as in most instances, I design and create from scratch many of the embellishments that surround them.


In addition, if I find myself in needed of some specific type of storage, which is very likely that I cannot find in the store, I'll make it!  Besides creating utilitarian objects, I give them an artistic aesthetic so that they're not only useful, but also pleasing to the eye.  


My love for the arts is deeply rooted, especially that which is attached to my homeland of  Puerto Rico. So, after many years of creating artesanal crafts, I took a leap into the field of fine arts -- painting and drawing.  As an emerging fine artist, I have had the "ride" of my life creating paintings and drawings that depict my roots and my love for a multitude of other subjects.   Now I'm able to express deeper and further my feelings and appreciation of nature, the mysterious, the classical, conceptual, but most importantly and foremost my culture.  


For The Love of it All is a compendium  of my love for the fine arts and artesanal crafts rooted mainly on my ethnic background, culture, folklore and traditions.  

I hope you enjoy the works included throughout the site and love them as much as I do.  

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